Summer Heat Not Dog Friendly

Posted by nhshnds on August 8, 2020 at 11:05 AM

As usual, summer brings with it the opportunity to get out with the pups, ride, walk and have fun.  Good for all...right?  Yes, absolutey a great time to be had for all.  Fresh air, sunshine and HEAT!  Sometimes too much heat.  On those hot and humid days it's important to remember that if you are hot, your pup is probably hotter.  After all, a dog's temperature is not like ours.  A dog left in the car for even a short time while you pop in the store can quickly become overheated.  A few cracked windows will not be sufficient to keep the pup cool.  Walking your dog on a hot day on the side walk or road can cause burns to the pup's paws.  Not providing enough cool, clean water can become an issue, too, as a dog needs to stay hydrated even on not so hot days. 

A few safety tips to incorporate in our summer routines would be to 1. walk the pup in early or later hours when the heat is not as intense.  2. If you do have to walk in the heat of the day remember to do the 5 second hand rule...if your hand gets hot when touching the cement or road just imagine how that feels on your pup's paws. 3.  do not leave your pet in the car without sufficient cool air flow.  A few minutes can turn longer and it doesn't take long for your pup's temperature to rise to a dangerous level.  Even taking the pup to the beach or family outing, you will need to provide shade, water and a safe environment for you precious pup. 4.  Provide lots of water and hydration for you pup.

So get out and take Fido for that ride, walk, outing and have fun knowing you are giving your dog the best life filled with love and security. 

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